Below you will find a list of the current Ministry Teams within the church.  Some require a large commitment while others are simple obligations that need only be done a couple of times a year.  We encourage you to read through the list and pray about what God may want you to be involved in.  When you feel you are ready to get involved click on over to our "sign-ups" list to submit your name and what you would like to get involved in.

Women’s Ministry Team

Striving to meet the social and spiritual needs of the women of our church. Serving those within our circle of influence

Missions Team

To help each member of our local church participate in God’s call to share the gospel and compassion of Jesus world-wide through Nazarene Missions International (NMI).

Ensemble Team

To worship God through choral music (sometimes drama) at Christmas and Easter, and possibly 1 or 2 other times during the year.

Grounds Team

To help determine the best way to maintain the church grounds, so as to be a good witness to the community for Jesus Christ.

Sunday School Team

To assist in developing/conducting the Sunday morning Christian education program of the Chelsea Church of the Nazarene in order to help us grow as followers of Jesus Christ.

Children’s Team

To create a leadership team that would develop, coordinate and guide the ministry to children in the Chelsea Church of the Nazarene

Vacation Bible School Team

To plan and implement a vacation Bible school for the purpose of reaching children and their families for the Lord.

Ushers Team

To provide a team of people who, with a welcoming spirit, distribute bulletins, assist in seating as needed, collect the offering and will be responsible of taking weekly attendance.

Small Groups

To encourage and draw closer to each other and God and to become more like Jesus through weekly gatherings of Bible study and fellowship.

Worship Team

A team to lead the congregation in the various aspects of worship on Sunday mornings, including music, scripture, prayer, announcements, audiovisual, and other avenues of worship.

Teens (NYI-Nazarene Youth International)

“The mission of NYI is to call our generation to a dynamic life in Christ.” (Church of the Nazarene Manual)

Holiday Decorating Team

A team to plan and decorate the sanctuary for the seasons of the year i.e. The hanging of the greens and banners.

Greeters Team

To provide a team of people to insure that visitors and members attending our church always feel welcome and comfortable.  To present a unified and organized appearance while performing duties before, during and after the church service.

Fellowship Planning Team

To plan monthly social gatherings that will encourage individuals to draw closer to God and each other through monthly social gatherings at church, homes, restaurants, or other settings.

Church Growth Team

A team that would develop ways to draw people to the Lord and develop ways to provide a loving caring environment to those who choose to make our church their church home.

Pantry Team

A team to monitor the food, supplies, appliances and kitchenware for the church kitchen.

Publication Team-

A team that will use their computer and/or writing skills to publish the weekly church bulletin and design, develop and publish a monthly calendar and/or newsletter.

Team Day Team

A team that plans and conducts the yearly Team Day event

Prayer Chain Team

To provide prayer support to church family and friends who are in a difficult situation.

Refiner’s Fire Team (Senior Group)

To provide social, emotional and spiritual support to the “seniors” in our congregation.

Technology Team

To help determine the technology needs of Chelsea Church of the Nazarene.

Caravan Team

To assist in developing and conducting the Caravan “Scouting” program of the Chelsea     

Church of the Nazarene in order to help kids:

  • Discover – essential physical, social, mental, and spiritual skills.
  • Develop – self-esteem through recognition.
  • Experience – positive interaction with caring adults and peers.
  • Grow – in their understanding of and appreciation for being part of God’s church family

Outreach Team

A team to develop ways to minister to the needs of the community

Nursery Team

A team to provide a loving, caring and safe environment for children up to two years old during the church service.

Men’s Ministry

To assist in developing the Men’s Ministry program of the Chelsea Church of the Nazarene in order to help us serve as followers of Jesus Christ.

Building Team

To help determine the best way to maintain the church building, so as to be a good witness to the community for Jesus Christ.